St Pius X Catholic School Glen Innes - Advance in Faith, Hope, Love


November 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

At Alert Level 1, all schools are deemed safe and will open normally. St Pius X is open and functioning. We will continue to stress extra hand hygiene and contact tracing in case there are any cases identified. Although there are no legal requirements about physical distancing while at school we will be encouraging the practice that has become our new norm this year. 

The New Zealand Covid Tracer QR Code is displayed at all entrances to the school and everybody is asked to scan in whenever you come onto the property. If you want to talk to a teacher, and we love it when you do, please either email, phone or call at the office to make an appointment.  Uniform sales are available from 8.15am but if there is a rush, we can take our time, be patient and keep being kind to each other.

 We are once again asking that all students bring a named bottle for water to school. 

 We are very aware that everybody has experienced the lockdown in different ways and for some there may be a real anxiety and even fear about returning. I want to assure everybody we will do everything in our power to make the transition back to school as easy as possible and that any necessary restrictions will have a positive impact on the academic, social and spiritual growth of all the children.

 Paul Coakley