St Pius X Catholic School Glen Innes - Advance in Faith, Hope, Love

Emblem & School Motto

The larger circle represents the earth.

The smaller circle represents the sun, the light of faith. 

The wavy lines represent the waters of life.

The open arms of the cross invite us to spread the word of God and indicate our openness to receive.


We have the privilege of using the Holy Faith Sisters' emblem.  The Holy Faith Sisters were founded by Margaret Alyward in 1858. The Holy Faith charism is embedded in the Special Character of our school.

Advance in Faith - Hope - Love
This motto is based on the spiritual principles that the Holy Faith Sisters lived by:
FAITH:  They were a congregation founded on faith and faith development was the main focus.
HOPE:  Strong association with humility as expressed through acknowledging our limitations - our strengths and weaknesses.  Out of this realisation comes the virtue of humility (of being ourselves).
LOVECharity in caring for one another.