St Pius X Catholic School Glen Innes - Advance in Faith, Hope, Love

 We believe we have inherited a faith in God Who can do all things;
Faith which makes hope a reality and which never gives up on God;
Faith in a community of disciples who live simply, love tenderly and act justly.
( Holy Faith Mission)

In her day, Margaret Aylward responded fully and courageously to what she experienced as God’s special call to her. She received from the Holy Spirit a profound appreciation of the gift of faith. Her conviction of its value filled her with an overwhelming desire to preserve that gift in herself and others. 

"And, indeed, it is a glorious thing to devote our time, talents and energies to the preservation of the faith.”  [Orphanage Report 11:1867]

For Margaret and the first sisters, this charism found expression in their active and profound compassion for the poor and destitute, especially for children in danger of losing their faith.

Margaret was also impelled by the deep conviction that her work for children, the provision of education, and her support of family life was also building up the fabric of society.

"Upon this one thing, the education of the poor, depend the future of Ireland and the future of society.”   [Orphanage Report 5:1861]

VALUES:   Margaret Aylward's charism is rooted in a spirit of :-

FAITH: by which we consciously, freely and trustingly commit ourselves to Jesus Christ who by revealing God the Father to us,  and by living in us through his Spirit opens us to the real meaning of life.

CHARITY: the charity of Christ which urges us to reach out to others in warmth, love and concern.

HUMILITY:  by which we recognise our total dependence on God and acknowledge his power working in us.

SIMPLICITY:  which enables us to seek the God of truth with singleness of purpose and relate to others with openness and sincerity.