St Pius X Catholic School Glen Innes - Advance in Faith, Hope, Love

Parents wishing to enrol their children need to request a school prospectus from the school office.  This provides information about the school plus enrolment and other forms to be complete.

Parents need to bring these completed forms to the school, with......

  • their child's Baptismal certificate.
  • a PREFERENCE OF ENROLMENT CERTIFICATE signed by the Parish Priest or his representative.
  • their child's immunisation certificate and birth certificate

Arrangements are made for parents to meet with the Parish Priest or his representative if this has not already been done.

Parents of new entrants (about to turn five) are encouraged to make arrangements to visit the new entrant class with their preschooler before he/she starts school.

Families who obtain the  preferential certificate because they meet the Special Character requirements are considered PREFERENTIAL and will be entitled to a place in the school immediately, if the school has room to take them.  Other families who do not meet the requirements are considered NON-PREFERENTIAL and may have to go on a waiting list as our Integration Agreement permits the school to have only 5% of its pupils as non-preferential.


Parents will need to fill out a Pupil Information Sheet which is confidential and only for Parent and Staff use.