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A full copy of the St Pius X Catholic School Concerns, Complaints and Grievances Policy is available from  the school office or at
Our user name is  saintpiusx  and our password is  holyfaith 

 To provide a system for resolving concerns, complaints and grievances against the school and any of its employees or trustees, in a proactive and pastorally sensitive manner that is just, fair and transparent to all parties concerned.


The purpose of our complaint's policy is to provide clear guidelines for the school community in raising and resolving concerns and complaints.

We have procedures in place that we follow to ensure that complaints are handled appropriately. Our procedures enable us to:

·                    maintain the best learning environment for our students

·                    resolve matters of concern early, if possible

·                    respond to feedback and concerns constructively

·                    deal with complaints fairly, effectively, and promptly

·                    take into account individual circumstances

·                    maintain confidentiality

·                    preserve school/community relationships and communication

·                    monitor and record complaints and concerns about student safety.

Most complaints can be resolved informally by discussions with the people concerned. See Guidelines for Informal Complaints. The school also has a procedure for making a formal complaint if informal discussion doesn't resolve the issue.

For complaints concerning harassment, see Harassment. For allegations of theft or fraud, see Theft and Fraud Prevention. School employees needing to make a protected disclosure, see Protected Disclosure.

Generally, an anonymous complaint cannot be processed unless there is a sound legal reason for protecting the identity of the complainant.