The St Pius X Difference

Our School Vision: Innovative Catholic Education - Building foundations for life.

Our Focus

Through our modernized local curriculum, students are provided rich learning opportunities in newly-built innovative learning environments.

We focus on...

  • Growing our Catholic Faith through our Religious Education and Virtues programmes.
  • Teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy and critical, creative and reflective thinking and problem solving.
  • Building a relationship with each child, setting high expectations and believing that they can succeed.
  • Growing our learning community by sharing effective practice and ideas, building a partnership between Home and School.
  • Growing the goodness within everyone.

What we value

Our patron saint

St Pius X, or Giuseppe Sarto, was born in 1835 at Riese, Northern Italy, the second eldest of ten children

Though poor, his parents valued education and Giuseppe walked 6 kilometres to school each day. He was brought up in a poor family but was able to lift himself from his modest beginnings through his sharp mind and academic brilliance. Ordained to the priesthood in 1858, Fr Sarto quickly became known for his charity and education, especially of the poor. His work was recognised by the church when he was made a bishop in 1879 and a cardinal in 1893. Cardinal Sarto was elected Pope in 1903 at the passing of Pope Leo XIII, taking the name Pius X.

His Papacy extended from 9 August 1903 to 20 August 1914 and was noteworthy for a number of achievements: codification of Canon Law, promotion of scientific study of the Bible, more modern liturgies and church music and many social justice initiatives. He is often called the Pope of the Eucharist because he made Holy Communion available to younger people “at the age of reason”. His overriding concern was to renew all things in Christ. Pope Pius X was canonized on 29 May 1954. The story of St Pius X is one of triumph in adversity through hard work and study and he is held up as an example for all the students, staff and families at our school.

Our School & Parish Feast Day is held on 27th August. A whole school Mass or Liturgy, special treat for the students and fun activities are usually planned to celebrate this special occasion.

Our Holy Faith Sisters Founder

In her day, Margaret Aylward responded fully and courageously to what she experienced as God’s special call to her.

She received from the Holy Spirit a profound appreciation of the gift of faith. Her conviction of its value filled her with an overwhelming desire to preserve that gift in herself and others. "And, indeed, it is a glorious thing to devote our time, talents and energies to the preservation of the faith.”
Orphanage Report 11:1867

For Margaret and the first sisters, this charism found expression in their active and profound compassion for the poor and destitute, especially for children in danger of losing their faith.

Margaret was also impelled by the deep conviction that her work for children, the provision of education, and her support of family life was also building up the fabric of society.

Charism is rooted in a spirit of...


By which we consciously, freely and trustingly commit ourselves to Jesus Christ who by revealing God the Father to us,  and by living in us through his Spirit opens us to the real meaning of life.


The charity of Christ which urges us to reach out to others in warmth, love and concern.


By which we recognise our total dependence on God and acknowledge his power working in us.


Which enables us to seek the God of truth with singleness of purpose and relate to others with openness and sincerity.

"Upon this one thing, the education of the poor, depend the future of Ireland and the future of society.”

[Orphanage Report 5:1861]

Our Emblem

Honouring The Holy Faith Sisters with our emblem

The Holy Faith Sisters were founded by Margaret Alyward in 1858. The Holy Faith charism is embedded in the Special Character of our school, and we have the privilege of using the emblem.

The larger circle represents the earth, while the smaller circle represents the sun, the light of faith. The wavy lines represent the waters of life, and the open arms of the cross invite us to spread the word of God and indicate our openness to receive.

Our Motto: Advance in Faith, Hope, Love

This motto is based on the spiritual principles that the Holy Faith Sisters lived by:

Faith: They were a congregation founded on faith and faith development was the main focus.

Hope: Strong association with humility as expressed through acknowledging our limitations - our strengths and weaknesses. Out of this realisation comes the virtue of humility (of being ourselves).

Love: Charity in caring for one another.

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